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Copenhagen - The cycling capital of the world

Copenhagen – The cycling capital of the world


I was recently watching the Discovery Channel series – “Waterfront Cities of the World”. While Copenhagen is a beautiful place with lovely people, what struck me the most about the city was it’s cycling culture. With more than 40% of it’s people cycling daily to work, university, school or commuting socially, the love for cycling is ingrained in Danish society.

The government has also played a major role in this initiative by continuously building cycling tracks, parking facilities and bringing forth a Bicycle strategy which aims to make Copenhagen the best city in the world for cycling by 2025.

But why cycling? Obviously the most important benefit is it’s positive affect on body and mind. A healthier population will contribute more to society and reduce the expenditure and pressure on the healthcare sector. And secondly, with no negative impact to the nature, cycling as a means of transport takes the cake!

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  1. I rode my bike everywhere when I was younger. Now we live in a rural, hilly location and I’ve stopped – hoping to get back to it in the near future.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Oh Traci must say there is nothing like the love of cycling. I was in Singapore 2 years back and the amount of cycling I did there was so much fun. It’s a lovely way to stretch one’s muscles and stay fit!

  2. I used to love riding my bike. I never could make it up hills though because of terrible knees. I’m envious of bikers really. At least, I can ride a recumbent bike and pretend I am going somewhere. 😉

    • aseemrastogi2

      Oh yes, I can understand that Mary. Going up the hills with the bikes is quite a difficult task. Wonder how do those bikers manage it :O. But yeah cycling is a fun way to go around, stay fit and also see the sights around in any city :).

  3. I wish I could bike to work. It’s about 25 miles, and I did it once, but I arrive too sweaty to be respectable. I think cycling is great, too! I wonder if they commute as much as we do in the U.S.?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Oh yes, I agree that it would be difficult if the weather and the distances don’t support it. Maybe the distances they need to travel in Copehangen aren’t too much and also I guess the weather is always good. But then, yeah if its snowing / raining etc. it could be really problematic.

  4. Mel

    I love cycling when we’re at the beach. Just parking the car at the beginning of the trip and biking the rest of the time we’re there. Though it’s hard to cycle at home. It’s just not an area friendly to bikes.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Oh I can surely imagine that Mel :). With the cool breeze from the sea hitting your face, it surely should be an amazing feeling to cycle around there :D.

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