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100 word fiction: The windows of hope..

Windows of hope..

Windows of hope..

PHOTO PROMPT – © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

It had been over three weeks since Katie and Ron hadn’t spoken to each other. When she didn’t answer his call and deleted her social media accounts, he tried Plan B.

He waited below her building everyday. While he did manage to catch a glimpse of her through the windows, she never came down. She seemed to be under house arrest.

This went on until Katie realized that Ron wasn’t coming anymore. He had been killed by a few ruffians who were trying to rob him. She could have never imagined that their love would meet such a cruel fate.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

Linking to NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month – September – My post no 4 for this month.

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  1. It’s never safe to ignore your love.

  2. this is so melancholic!

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