How should you get inspired?

How should you get inspired?


Inspiration is that energy which has the power to drive us to do some great things. Along with being creative, these are the things which give us the motivation to build our thoughts effectively for achieving our goals and dreams.

But then, a lot many keep cribbing about everything in their lives. From their professional to their personal lives; from their friends to their family members, there are many who aren’t happy with anything in their lives.

They feel as though the entire world is conspiring against them. They have never even thought about the fact that they may need to change themselves in order to see the world from a different viewpoint.

As I see it, inspiration is all in the mind. If we want to get truly inspired, it’s upto us to find it around us. There are numerous stalwarts like Bill Gates, Narayana Murthy, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Ingvar Kamprad and many more who were inspired to bring forth new ways to solve different kinds of problems. They dared to dream and do something different than the rest.

They could have sat and sulked about their lives day in and day out without a care in the world. But instead, they choose the tougher route. They may not have started as stalwarts at all but it was all about getting that idea and working towards making a difference to humanity in general.

Inspiration is the energy which may strike when you least expect it like the Archimedes’s ‘Eureka’ moment. And that’s why one has to always be ready to recognize it.

An inspired individual has the power and the energy to change the world for the better while on the other hand, an uninspired individual can only sulk and blame the world for all his or her problems.

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