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100 word fiction: Her love for crystals..

The crystals of her dreams..

The crystals of her dreams..


“Why don’t you sell all these showpieces? As it is, we are struggling with our lives. This is the least you can do.”

Laura, the youngest member of the Davis family loved making small showpieces out of crystals from the time she was a teenager. Though they weren’t really well off, Nick, her father always ensured that his daughter had all the tools to keep her hobby going.

Over the years, she had made showpieces of varied shapes, sizes and colours. It was just a hobby until the day Nick’s business crashed and he was forced to file for bankruptcy.

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  1. Oh! So sad! But so nice of her dad to encourage her little hobby when he could.

    • aseemrastogi2

      He encouraged her as much as he could. But sadly, things didn’t work out :(.

  2. A poignant one….life can be cruel sometimes :/
    I too participated in the prompt and here is my post –

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks Madhu :). Nice to kno you liked it.

      Welcome to my blog :D. Your story is really beautiful :).

  3. Life is never the same. Well written post.

  4. It’s so touching and how life can crash. At times, tough to come to terms with something we cared and was our livelihood. You poured the emotions so well.

  5. sushmitamalakar

    The tough times. And then we have to just let go off the things we valued for the love for the people we care about. Wonderful read Aseem 🙂

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