Writing helps you find your inner voice..

Writing helps you find your inner voice..

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Royalty? Fan Following? A professional writing career? Winning the Booker Prize? Yes, all this is part of a writer’s dream. But at a fundamental level, a writer wants to get a chance to express his opinions freely and ensure that people read what he or she pens down.

Writers are always on the lookout for inspiration. From inspiration to write on a topic they haven’t ever thought of to inspiration from the exploits of fellow writers, there’s so much to learn from.

There are many who start off with the dream to change the world with their writing. But then somewhere down the line, reality kicks in. Politics, brush with authorities, freedom to write whatever they want and so on and so forth gets lost in the battle between what’s right and what’s wrong.

While a certain set of people choose the confrontational path, many others move on to writing on topics which are much less controversial in nature. While it does take time for them to adjust to the new reality, they feel that adapting to this is much better than inviting trouble through unnecessary controversy.

Moreover, in terms of getting recognition, it’s all about making the effort to read and network with the right set of people. Whether its blogging, taking part in competitions or sending manuscripts to publishers, all of us have a chance at glory.

There are so many wannabe writers around who either don’t get a chance at a major level or they don’t realize that they are actually quite good.

Therefore, it’s always important to grab your chance by the scruff of the neck lest you repent later.

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