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Does moral policing actually work?

A pair of eyes are watching you..

A pair of eyes are watching you..


These days, everyone wants to control the content we watch, the things we do, the sweet nothings we talk to our partners, the food we eat and so on and so forth. It seems as though every individual is trying to act like the moral guardian who aims to protect society from all the evils. But does this really work?

We keep reading about things being banned left right and center. There’s one school of thought which says that banning something ensures that people don’t get exposed to the wrong things in life. But the other school of thought asks “Who decides what is wrong or right?” Shouldn’t it be an individual’s perspective to decide on what is right and what is wrong? Banning instead may have the opposite affect.

Yes, there are a lot many individuals who actually don’t realize the difference between right or wrong. Or rather, despite realizing, they don’t care. But again, here comes the duty of the parents as well. Without instilling the right values, culture and beliefs, children will never learn to separate the right from the wrong.

It’s really easy to put the blame on children for doing whatever they do. But parents need to be there during their growing years to ensure that they understand the emotions, trials and tribulations which their children go through. Be it love, sexual relationships or any other topics of this sort, parents need to openly discuss them with their children at the right time without making it sound like a taboo.

I would like to end by saying that it’s at home and at school where we learn to understand the differences between right and wrong. If these building blocks are strong, then such moral policing especially when the complaints go to parents won’t really work.

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  1. Totally agree with you there. Any kind of policing is of no use unless people can think for themselves. Even in offices, the moment a website is blocked, people will use proxy to check it out. But gives complete access, folks behave much responsibly.
    Well thought post!

    • aseemrastogi2

      As you have put it, banning something makes people curious to know on what can be done to break the shackles. But then banning anything isn’t the right solution is it? It’s all about making people aware of the rights and the wrongs and them acting as responsible citizens. Thanks for your comment :).

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