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Five Sentence Fiction: A day in the life of a rag picker

A day in the life of a ragpicker

A day in the life of a ragpicker


“Sir! Though our life would seem like torture to you, this is all I have seen growing in a society which didn’t have any luxury so to speak of.”

Since the last 20 years, Mohan’s daily routine centered around picking up the refuse from the nearby localities and selling it off to individuals who could recycle it into useful materials. Though initially, he rarely got the right price from the individuals, he had learnt the tricks of the trade over a period of time.

Life was always a challenge as the money was just enough to help them live a hand to mouth existence. But then, times had changed and today he had a filmmaker at his doorstep who had begun penning the story for a documentary to show the lives of ragpickers like Mohan to rest of the world.

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  1. Making of “from rags to riches”.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hopefully if a movie is made on him and succeeds, he gets the due credit for it as well.

  2. What a stunning picture and story to go with it.

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