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Guest Post: Experience Sydney like a local

Everyone who ever visited Sydney realized that it’s a mixture of flawless seaside and cultural beauty, where amazing tropical climate, imposing architecture and laid-back lifestyle create its uniqueness. As a person who lives in Sydney for years, I just adore every part of it.

But when I became a freelance tour guide, I noticed that most tourists head for Opera House and Harbour Bridge, leaving all other magnificent spots completely undiscovered. Plenty of authentic suburbs, monumental places and secluded beach spots present amazing local nooks that show the real Sydney attractiveness. So let me discover the greatest Sydney attractions from a local perspective:

Darlinghurst vibrancy

Looking onto Kings Cross from Oxford St Darlinghurst - Sydney

Looking onto Kings Cross from Oxford St Darlinghurst – Sydney


If you think that you have discovered the most of Sydney’s urban energy while standing in front of the Opera House, then you should walk through the streets of Darlinghurst to feel the real buzzing atmosphere. Darlinghurst is greatly vibrant city area, full of small streets crowded with cosy cafes, bars, restaurants and picturesque boutiques, where you can enjoy great food, taste the best wines or have the most interesting shopping time ever.

The centerpiece of Darlinghurst is Oxford Street, where you can visit the majority of interesting dining spots and nightclubs, but it’s greatly popular for the Mardi Gras Parade.Move further to Burton, Liverpool and Crown Street and explore the artistic and shopping kingdom, where dozens of galleries, art studios, book and music shops and retro boutiques give this area a lovely artsy spirit. Brett Whiteley Studio, Oxford Art Factory and Sydney Jewish Museum are just a tiny part of Darlinghurst that every tourist must visit.

Blue Mountains region

Blue Mountains, Australia

Blue Mountains, Australia


When you want to experience Sydney like a local, I suggest you to explore its outer attractions because it’s a unique way to explore the city. The Blue Mountains region consists of stunning rock formations filled with lush forests, mountain pathways and amazing wildlife which is a popular weekend hideout for locals.

The region offers the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking landscapes and experience various activities so your memorable Blue Mountains Day trip can include the exploration of nearby mountain villages, unforgettable bushwalks and a visit to the imposing formation called The Three Sisters.

Walkabout through Glebe




Coming to Glebe is a chance to meet the alternative side of Sydney since it abounds with plenty of old-fangled buildings from the 19th century, magnificent parks offering harbour views along with small authentic pubs and cafes. Glebe Point Road is excellent for wandering through authentic book stores.

If you are looking for relaxation, head for Jubilee Park to have a gorgeous picnic alongside the harbour. If you continue, you’ll reach the pleasant Glebe Foreshore Walk which is ideal for walks and bike riding. While at Glebe, you won’t miss out on energy since it hosts thousands of local and international students. There are also the crowded Glebe outdoor markets.

Explore coastal Sydney

Walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach

Walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach


You just can’t leave Sydney without enjoying in its numerous jaw-dropping beaches, and, since I assume you’ve already checked Bondi, it’s is time to explore some other fascinating beach spots that locals really like. Feel the seaside atmosphere by enjoying a coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee beach and admire the astonishing open sea vastness, cliff landscapes and idyllic beaches.

Make a stop at Bronte Beach whose fantastic rocky environment will amaze you. But don’t miss Coogee which is one of Sydney’s most beautiful seaside jewels. Its sparkly white sand, crystal clear water and lack of crowds makes it just perfect for swimming, diving and serene sunbathing. Wylie’s Bath is a divine natural pool placed in the sea and it is an ultimate place for diving and bathing at Coogee.

Although the main Sydney attractions are definitely worth admiring, its less known neighborhoods, beaches and surrounding regions possess hidden local treasures that reflect the true Sydney spirit.

Submitted by:

Roxana is an adventurer, a frequent traveler and blogger at Besides traveling, she loves to cook exotic food and take care of her three adorable pets. She is a freelance Sydney tour guide and an environmentalist by vocation, and she loves taking long walks at the beach.

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  1. This is complete infotainment. Thanks for sharing.

  2. ivegotbigbulls

    We just explored a bit of Sydney in January; what a great city! I wish we had a car when we were there so we could have seen the Blue Mountains! We stayed at Bondi and ate in some amazing restaurants and checked out that beach walk you mentioned. Manly Beach and harbor were pretty cool too! What a great area to visit! Great post!

    • aseemrastogi2

      That’s great to know. Sydney is a beautiful place where there’s so much to do and explore for everyone :). Welcome to my blog :D.

  3. Mountain ranges there sure look different then what is in North Idaho

    • aseemrastogi2

      That’s interesting to know Dora. I would love to visit both the US and Australia. Have heard of so many interesting places in both the continents :).

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