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How to get rid of odours at your home?


How to get rid of bad odour?

How to get rid of bad odour?


Our sense of smell is as important as our other senses of tasting, hearing, seeing and feeling. It exposes us to fragrances of different kinds as well as odours which are not so pleasant. Every house and individual around the world has a distinctive odour.

Firstly, there is the odour of people. People who haven’t taken bath may appear very dirty and full of body odour. On the other hand, those who did take bath and put on their perfumes or deodorants would be smelling quite good. Obviously there are also those who don’t take bath but literally bathe in their perfumes. To be honest, that’s quite irritating for most people around.

Secondly, there’s the smell of clothes which may or may not have been dried properly either after washing or from sweat drying up. If one’s clothes are generally dried in AC without any sunlight whatsoever, they aren’t as fresh and smell as good as those which are dried under the sun.

Thirdly, the food cooked in the house radiates quite a bit of smell. While cooking vegetarian food doesn’t really emanate a pungent smell, the one which emanates from cooking fish is quite pungent. Not everyone will be handle this odour.

Fourthly, the cleanliness of the house is very important. Without a neat and clean house, a variety of dirty odours wouldn’t allow us to live in peace nor will guests be interested to visit our houses. Moreover, the garbage should be regularly thrown in the garbage bins provided outside.

Due to all the above factors, more than 89% people don’t really prefer calling guests home. They instead prefer meeting their friends and family outside the confines of their homes. Moreover 2 out of 3 women feel that such odours are a common thing in every household.

So what should one do to avoid such odours?

Most importantly, regularly cleaning the house with a broom or wet cloth is very important to ensure that there is no dust or other insects around. You can also use Ambi Pur Air Effects or dried flowers. Along with ensuring that the house stays neat and inviting to guests, it will also ensure that there is no dirty odour around.

Clothes should always be dried outside in the balcony as much as possible. In the worst case scenario, a fan can be used to dry them inside the house though that may not necessarily avoid the bad odours always. In case, if the clothes full of sweat have dried, always ensure that they are not worn again before being washed.

As you would have expected, I would surely say that taking bath, staying clean and using perfumes or deodorants in the optimum quantity is always desirable.

And last but not the least, though cooking chicken and fish produces a dirty odour, always ensure that the exhaust fans in the house are on while cooking. If need be, open the windows so that the smell doesn’t really stay at home.

With regards to removing bad odours from the house, I will leave you guys with the saying – “Where this is a will, there is a way.” It’s not impossible to have a neat, clean and good smelling house. It just depends on your determination to ensure the same.

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