Allu's dance moves coupled with Anushka's husky vocals

Allu’s dance moves coupled with Anushka’s husky vocals


You are sad and lonely. Life is not going anywhere as what you have always desired for. Everything seems really dull and dreary. All the energy has oozed out from your body so much so that you feel completely lifeless. What would you do to get out of this mess? Stay the same way? Watch TV? Surf the internet? Talk to someone about your feelings? Listen to music?

What if in such a situation you see and hear a very catchy song and dance sequence; A sequence so catchy that it makes you want to tap your feet with the beats. This is what Allu Arjun’s dance moves and Anushka’s songs do to you. They have the power to bring energy and freshness rolling back into people’s lives.

Allu Arjun, the son of producer Allu Arvind has carved quite a name for himself in his more than 10 year career in Tollywood. With movies like Parugu, Arya, Vedam, Badrinath to name a few, he has created a huge fan following for himself.

Along with his acting, his dance moves are altogether another aspect as to why fans are so crazy about him. He makes each dance move appear so fluid and effortless. Whether its Julayi, Badrinath or Varudu, he has made each dance move appear so easy that you are just left open mouthed wondering as to how can he make things look so effortless.

Anushka Manchanda, a former Channel V VJ and part of the first Indian all women pop band ‘Viva’ is a vivacious and dynamic singer who has endeared herself to thousands of fans all across the world in a very short period of time. Some of her songs which include Alisha, Mit Jaaye Gham, Bezubaan Phir Se to name a few have been party numbers driving all and sundry to the dance floor.

Her voice has that effect which makes you want to groove to the beats and lose yourself on the dance floor. something like a vision of dancing

What if Anushka and Allu were to combine together for a song? Allu’s dance moves coupled with Anushka’s husky vocals would be more than enough for the song to reach the top of the charts. Performing together, the deadly duo would also be able to feed on each others energy levels and give an even better performance than they have always done. The song would be a sure shot chartbuster played by the best DJs around clubs in India and abroad.

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