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Can positive dreams turn into reality?

Can positive dreams turn into reality?

Can positive dreams turn into reality?


We all dream for success and happiness in every walk of life. Moreover, everyone also dreams of being famous and rich. But then, is it only dreams that lead us to success? Does success easily come to those who dream? How important is it to dream? Let’s check it out.

Dreams are thoughts, ambitions, aspirations, images and sensations which occur in our mind during sleep as well as times when we are awake. There are different types of dreams.

The ones which are negative are mostly nightmares about something bad happening to us or our loved ones. These are dreams which wake us up from our sleep and affect our minds psychologically and emotionally draining us out.

The positive dreams are those which motivate us to work towards a goal in mind. Without an aspiration or a goal, we are working blind and don’t really know the benchmark we need to set for any task we are undertaking. Without a dream to become someone, we are just living life rather than actually enjoying our work and life.

Dreams give us hope and seeing our idols achieve success gives us the encouragement to pursue those dreams.

Sachin Tendulkar dropped out of his school because he was very confident and dreamt that he would succeed as a cricketer and he eventually did.

Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard after his second year because he dreamt that his startup Microsoft would make it big in the world. He knew that his idea had in it to succeed.

Sharukh Khan who was a middle class individual without any movie background dabbled in theater and TV serials before his big break in movies. And today, he is one of the biggest superstars in Bollywood. All because he dared to dream.

But obviously only dreaming and not doing anything to pursue that dream will not lead us anywhere. Pursuing and fulfilling the dreams requires hardwork, dedication, courage and determination. Without that, dreaming is nothing but a waste.

As someone has truly said, “If a person has the will power to dream and pursue the goals towards fulfilling that dream, even the universe would come together to help him achieve it.”

Written for Indispire Edition 69: “If I can dream it, I can do it”

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  1. You absolutely nailed it…it is a comprehensive post on how we should approach life!

  2. Dreaming BIG backed with proper planning, hard work and patience does pay. Dreams are the stepping stones to ambitions. very well written post.

    • aseemrastogi2

      True, life is nothing without having dreams and working towards converting them to reality :).

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