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A letter to God..

A letter to God..

A letter to God..


Dear God,

Most of us tend to remember you only when we are in trouble. Whether it is praying the night before a major event in our lives like an exam, an interview, a marriage or ridiculing you if something doesn’t go as planned, we tend to voice our angst all the time. Very rarely do we stop t0 think that things may not actually be going right because of our mistakes in one way or the other. Moreover, when things do go right, so many of us actually take the credit rather than give it to you. By now, have you become thick skinned to such situations?

The world seem to have changed quite a bit. No one seems to care about anyone else. It’s like everyone wants to become famous and be the best at the expense of others. Even if becoming famous and successful involves stamping over someone else’s happiness, people are ready to do it. Why has it become a dog eats dog world? Were we always so mean? Has personal success become so important that we don’t care about anything else?

There is so much hate and animosity among individuals around the world. Divided by regions, religions, caste, race, creed and the likes, people are ready to torture each other for all this and more. Why are we so narrow minded? Is humanity slowly becoming an ancient concept? Isn’t life all about coexisting peacefully with each other despite all our differences?

All of us are in the rush to make as much money as possible. Yes, we should all be ambitious. But shouldn’t we give back to society and to those in need if we can actually afford to do so? Why are we so stingy when it comes to donating money?

I know I have asked too many questions many of which may not really have a correct answer. But these are questions which crop up in many of our minds day in and day out.

Yours sincerely,

A common man.

Written for Indispire 68: Do you have any questions for god?

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  1. Anita

    love your letter!!!!!!!!!!

  2. But then God is going to ask us – Why are you dragging me in your greed? As you sow, so shall you reap.

    After all, humans have done most of the damage to humankind…whatever it might be.

  3. I have to wonder if social media and 24-hour news sites searching for stories to report have made our world feel more turbulent than in the past. I read a news story recently that said that less people are living in regions of war than any other time in history. Not sure what the measures were, but it gives me hope.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah I guess one of the reasons the world feels more turbulent is because of the 24×7 news and social media with the in-your-face kind of news stories. Even if something isn’t really that a big a news, the media puts it across as a melodramatic news story!

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