Family & Friends..

Family & Friends..


Our loved ones are our world. They help keep us happy and smiling all the time. Whether in times of distress and despair or in times of happiness, their presence helps keep us sane and grounded. But what if we don’t have them around us?

There are so many times in our lives when we fight or have an argument with our friends and family. While in most cases, we are able to resolve the matter after a bit of talking, there are some cases, where arguments cause irreparable damage so much so that people stop talking to each other for years. One of the biggest reasons is ego as both the parties think that the other should apologize. Meanwhile, life moves on and people end up losing track of each others lives. It’s as though those loved ones become unimportant.

Fighting over trivial matters with your loved ones is par for the course since we fight with those who we actually consider dear. But not talking to them for years on end just because of some argument is plain stupidity. When we argue, we don’t realize how much we would miss the person if he or she weren’t around us each day. It’s only after they go away do we slowly start missing him or her during our daily chores. But even in this scenario, there are many who refuse to accept the fact that they are actually missing the people who they fought with.

There are also times when God takes our loved ones far away from us. It seems as though he loves them much more than we do. In such a case, sadness, grief, distress, despair and much more become part of our daily lives. It seems as though our lives are not worth living anymore. What is the point of life when we can’t even wake up to our loved ones the next day?

From spending time and sharing our lives with them to even getting their advise and feeling happy in their midst, we miss each and every moment of our times spent with them. But slowly, many of us decide that life must go on since our loved ones would have been happier seeing us live on a normal life as before rather than close up shop and grieve all the time.

Losing loved ones to death or even to simple arguments is painful for each of us. Irrespective of the money, resources and fame we have, all of us crave for love at the end of the day. And without our loved ones being by our side, this is surely not possible.

Written for Indispire Edition 67: What do you miss the most about people who are no longer in your life or have stopped being someone important

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