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The second chance..

A second chance for love..

A second chance for love..


He had seen her for the first time during his brother’s wedding. She looked angelic in the pink saree she had worn for the day. Every time she danced, a strand of her hair fell on her face which she brushed away with her fingers. He was lost in her thoughts throughout the wedding and beyond.

Being the extrovert he was, Ronnie went ahead and proposed Anna quite literally in front of everyone. And the rest as they say was history.

Fast forward 4 years

Their life was like  any other couple going steady. Snuggling in the movies, spending time during candle light dinners, going on picnics with friends and the likes.

But love stories are not always hunky dory, isn’t it? Their determination to succeed professionally and have a good career drove them apart. Initially it was only the distance which they had to overcome. They tried to hold on hoping that things would stabilize soon enough and as per what they had heard, long distance relationships work if the individuals are serious about making them work.

With time though, their daily interactions started to reduce as they got busy in their respective lives with all the work around and friends to keep them going. While they still tried to find time now and then for sweet nothings, the energy and love in the relationship had reduced quite drastically.

And one fine day, when Anna found out that Ronnie was cheating on her with another girl, she felt that things had finally reached a tipping point and finally decided to walk out of his life. After months of his apologizing, she did finally agree to get back again. While things were fine for  a while, something didn’t seem right. She was to discover later that he had still not given up on his other relationship.

She had trusted him and given him a second chance but he made her look like a fool. While he started off trying to build his career path, he ended up betraying his love midway through this path.

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  1. Oh that’s so sad! You are right -second chances should not be let go..

  2. Nice taken on the prompt! Yup many times we give second chances to people who don’t deserve it and end up hurting ourselves more.

    • aseemrastogi2

      True Reema. We give second chances thinking that they would improve but unfortunately things its a smokescreen many a time and things don’t change one bit :(. Welcome to my blog :D.

  3. Once a betrayer always a betrayer

    • aseemrastogi2

      Sadly, she thought that he would have learnt his mistakes. But alas! He hadn’t.

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