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Our newspapers, social media, TV channels, conversations among friends and more are almost always filled with negative stories of any kind from violence in any form to deaths. It’s like discussing about negativity is something which people survive on in today’s world. But is the world really that negative? Or are our thoughts shaped by what we read or hear?

Violence in any form has increased over the years. People are ready to kill each other for money, religion, love and every reason you could possibly think of. Disasters of every kind lead to deaths of thousands of people each day. While these acts may still be few and far in between, the human mind starts to remember each of them as he or she is fed with information on such acts day in and day out.

Switch on any news channel and all you hear is a group of panelists outraging about some issue or the other without letting anyone’s points be heard. Go onto Facebook, Twitter etc. and all you see are extreme views about people supporting or standing against a particular political party, leader or sect.

Read a particular news item, go onto social media and outrage and again the cycle repeats. The human mind is filled with so much negativity day in and day out that you can’t fault with someone if he or she thinks the world is a complete mess.

But no. There are beautiful stories of people who have helped others when in need. Organizations like CRY, SOS Children’s Villages, Teach for India among others help the under privileged sections of the society to live their dreams, achieve their goals and grow in the society. A lot many celebrities from Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg have started various philanthropic programs for helping common men and women who don’t have the means to support themselves to rise and shine in the world out there.

Compassion is understanding people’s emotions and supporting them.

Compassion is alleviating people’s sufferings by being there in their time of need.

Compassion is going out of one’s way to help those in need.

Compassion is thinking about others feelings and well being without worrying about oneself.

Compassion is about being as selfless as one can ever be.

It’s not that compassion and humanity is absent from the world. But instead it’s about bringing acts of kindness to the forefront. While acts of famous celebrities are applauded and talked about, what about those thousands of activists who strive to help the society? There are millions of Kailash Satyarthi’s there.

Hope our media takes interest in them some day!

Written as part of 1000 voices of compassion. You can read the other posts here.

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  1. There are many “small people” we never hear of who help to make our world a better place, both in India and my country, the United States. I am proud to be the friend of one such “small person”.

    • aseemrastogi2

      There are so many ‘small people’ out there who do so much for society that even hundreds of so called celebrities wouldn’t be doing. It’s just that their stories need to come out more often because the world is not really such a bad place as we presume it to be. Welcome to my blog Alana :).

  2. I echo your thoughts! We should bring out the stories of love and kindness out in the open. If media can’t, blogger can!

  3. You have made a very valid point here. Hope someone takes it up…

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks Pooja. Compassion is something which isn’t absent in today’s world. It’s just that it gets lost amidst all the wrongs which keep happening all around us :(. Welcome to my blog :).

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