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Candlelight Dinner

Candlelight Dinner


It was the season for love the world over. Couples were exchanging cards, gifts, hugs, kisses and the likes. Restaurants, hotels, pubs and discos had come up with special offers to attract couples from all walks of life. It seemed as though, everyone had found a reason to fall in love all over again on just one particular day. But for the Sharma’s it was a simple day to rekindle their love all over again.

More than 25 years had passed since the day they ran away and got married. Their parents had voiced their disapproval on the alliance since they felt societal status was much more important for them rather than seeing their children happy and contented. But the children didn’t care one bit and decided to elope together. With time, the parents had to relent and let go their anger as they realized that their happiness lay in seeing their children happy.

The Sharma’s fell in love long before Valentines Day was even understood let alone commercialized in India. Their love was simple and pure. It was all about spending time and talking to each other about their likes, dislikes, future and family. Phones were a luxury which neither of them could afford. And public display of affection was considered as going against Indian culture.

With time, as they grew old, their love started to get stronger. They understood each other so well that both the partners didn’t have to speak out their problems openly. Going for walks everyday and talking about their daily lives, going to a restaurant for a candle-light dinner, cooking a lavish feast together, their way of expressing their love for each other wasn’t about shouting out to the world but instead spending some sweet little time with each other.

While for others, the Valentines destination would either be a pub, disco or a hotel, for them every Valentines Day was all about cooking a lavish meal and having a candle light dinner at home. Mr. Sharma always made sure to get a few roses and Mrs. Sharma’s favourite Kaju Katli to make it the perfect evening.

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  1. Aw, love these kinds of stories. The simple loves that appreciate the beauty of daily things are the ones that last 🙂

  2. This is indeed a WOW post!! Sharmas do what I do each valentine day – treat it as just another day 🙂 Love is companionship !

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks Parul :). Totally agree with your point that love is companionship :D. Love is such a beautiful feeling that it needs to be expressed each and every day rather than just having one day to shout over the top ;).

  3. Lovely post! Long live the Sharmas and folk like them!

  4. indeed. valentine’s day is over commercialized and over hyped; the way you describe it, loving one another daily… is real love. =)

    • aseemrastogi2

      Love is such a beautiful feeling that leaving it for one particular day doesn’t do it justice. It needs to be expressed every second, every day, every week, every year :). Welcome to my blog. Thanks for stopping by :D.

  5. forum parikh

    lovely write up with a cute love story feeling.

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