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Five Sentence Fiction: Belief

A new dawn..

A new dawn..


“Have I done something really wrong to have such a messy life all the time?” He felt as though life was playing games with him as he stumbled from one problem into another.

But one fine day when he met a roadside beggar, his thinking changed forever.

“Sir, I believe that God has a way of testing us all the time. Though we may think that the bad times would never cease and the night would always remain dark, God has a way of surprising us by waking us up to a new dawn when we least expect.

Written for Indispire prompt: Edition 51 “The Darkest Hour Of The Night Is Just Before The Dawn”, Write an original story based on this statement. #TheNight”

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  1. Inspiring! God has his own ways to surprise us and when He does, the smile on our faces cannot be wiped off!

  2. Yes, God has its own ways. That is one crisp take on the prompt – profound!

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