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Can women be stereotyped to just one label?

A woman’s place is only in the kitchen.

Women are the ones who take care of the children while men are the ones who go outside to work.

Household work is the domain of women while men can sit and relax.

Women cannot do physically demanding jobs.

Women are not the right people for top jobs in the corporate sector since they have to fulfill household responsibilities.

I am sure all of us would have made either one or all the above statements at least once during our lives. In patriarchal societies across the world, even today women are generally considered as those who can sit at home and fulfill the household responsibilities. Women who dare to go out and work, follow their passion and try to become multi-dimensional in their thinking and approach to life are frowned upon in many quarters.

But why so?

The biggest problem arises from the fact that in many places across the world, women are considered as an inferior species who have to follow orders and do as their told. They are stopped from pursuing their dreams. While some listen to their parents and relatives and fall by the wayside, many rebel and decide to live life on their own terms. And if they fail and come back home to their parents, a lot many don’t even accept their daughters again. So rebelling is not an option for the weak hearted.

Consider the below examples –

Saina Nehwal

Saina Nehwal


If Saina Nehwal’s father had stopped her from pursuing her love for badminton and asked her to stay at home instead, she may have let go her passion. But he let her pursue her dream. And this is why, today she’s a sensational badminton player AND of-course a lovely daughter.

Mary Kom with her family..

Mary Kom with her family..


If Mary Kom’s husband and parents weren’t supportive enough of her dream to pursue boxing professionally, she may have sat at home doing household chores throughout her life. Instead, she went on to become a legend in boxing as well as a lovely daughter AND a doting mother.

These labels of women not being able to do physical work, not being able to drive properly and the likes have come up over the years because quite a few women have faced such issues. But again, it’s not something which can necessarily be generalized to women across the spectrum. Moreover, as the times are changing, a lot many women are rising up the career ladder in various corporate sectors. And therefore, the sharing of household chores between the partners is the need of the hour. The thinking that household work is insulting needs to go.

And finally, it’s better late than never to realize that women are slowly rising and breaking the shackles & stereotypes which have held a firm grip over their lives for years. Today, women truly believe that they can follow their dreams and be a good daughter, wife & mother as well.

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  1. beautifully written Aseem ! 🙂

  2. You said it so well, Aseem. Good luck!

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