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Pimples – A pain in our lives

Acne problems

Acne problems

“Oh God! Look at him. His face is so full of pimples. Doesn’t he look awful?”

“Seeing the number of pimples he has, which girl would even want to come close to him?”

“Looks like he isn’t really bothered about his personality. If he has a problem with pimples, why doesn’t he care to treat it?”

I am sure there would be many of us who would have heard or made some of the above statements at least a couple of times in our lives. For each of us, the way we look shapes our lives in every sphere. Whether its getting a girlfriend or a boyfriend, getting a job or moving anywhere in the professional space,  all of us want to look good all the time.

And looking good starts from the top. While a person may not have great facial features to begin with, everyone expects basic stuff like neatly combed hair, a clean shaven look for guys, a non – oily face and the likes. Obviously a lot many girls don’t like the guys to be clean shaven. But let’s cover that in a different post.

As part of the facial features, the problem of pimples comes in. While there are numerous causes for having them from gorging on oily food to undergoing hormonal changes as part of growing up, pimples are seen as something which makes us look ugly and dirty. People associate them to cleanliness and hygiene too.

Looking good is important for feeling good. And feeling good is important for having a good day versus a bad day when a person is really down. This is where pimples affect the emotional aspect of our lives too. Those with pimples have to face fun, ridicule & nasty comments about their looks, cleanliness and hygiene thus affecting their self confidence and morale on all levels.

So what’s the solution?

There are numerous creams in the market which claim to solve the problem of pimples for each of us with varying degrees of success. For those who are not interested in using cosmetic solutions, there’s always the option of having a balanced diet and drinking lots of water.

Simply put, pimples are one of the biggest problems we face because they affect us at an emotional and psychological level. Even though we may be the best in whatever we do, looking presentable surely adds a great deal to our personalities. And this keeps us motivated each and every day of our lives

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  1. latasun

    When I was a teenager, I used to plaster my face everyday with Clearasil.. mornings and before going to bed.. Just remembered that!

    • aseemrastogi2

      I am sure a lot many of us would be using one or the other cream, moisturizer or any other remedy to get rid of this troublesome problem. Oh those were the days when our lives were dictated by the pressures of looking good ;).

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