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Five Sentence Fiction: Bedtime




While the rich slept on hard mattresses, all she had was just a few sheets to protect her from the hard ground below next to the main street.

What she did have in abundance though was the determination to succeed and rise up the career ladder through hard work and extreme dedication.

Short of resources, she always had to borrow cash to fulfill her basic needs. With every trouble she faced, she was motivated to study doubly hard to get a good score in her MBA entrance exams.

And today, she finally sleeps on those hard mattresses in luxurious rooms she could only dream off a couple of years back.

Written for Five Sentence Fiction Prompt: Bedtime. Read the other entries here.

Linking to NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month – January) – My post no 17 for this month.

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  1. vidsps

    How we admire people who have risen from humble backgrounds 🙂

    • aseemrastogi2

      So true :). The ones who rise from humble backgrounds have seen so much of struggle and pain that they are accustomed to any pain they may face as they go on in the future :D.

  2. very inspiring! 🙂 Loved this!

    • aseemrastogi2

      The people who rise up from the ashes are really humble because they have seen so many trials and tribulations in their lives that the struggle in the future is nothing for them. Good to know you liked it :).

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