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The day he lied to me..

The day he lied..

The day he lied..


“He is a liar. He doesn’t even care what I feel. If he did, he would have had the guts to tell me the truth. All the times we spent talking sweet nothings for hours on end seem like a big joke.”

The first time our eyes met was when he trooped in coolly at 8:45am for an 8 am class. With unkempt hour and a shabby appearance overall, it looked as though he had just got up from sleep and set out for a long day ahead. He seemed too much into himself making me wonder if arrogance was his second name. For me though, classes were all about talking to everyone and making as many friends as possible.

Our friendship truly began from the time the different groups were formed to handle the umpteen projects which are common for MBA students. As fate would have had it, we were in the same group. Challenging and outdoing each other was something which kept us going. While the rest of the group was really lazy, both of us sat together day in and day out to complete the projects.

While we did quarrel with our teammates because they didn’t help us one bit, we started to like spending time together. Our breaks while working on the projects were mostly reserved for discussions on our personal lives. From our likes and dislikes to details about our family and our future goals and desires, we spoke about anything and everything under the sun.

Slowly but surely, I was able to change him for the better. He began to talk a lot more freely with people from across the spectrum. Moreover, I was also pretty successful in ensuring that he give a lot more importance to his hygiene and persona.

Life was a bliss. Every night after reaching home, I counted the hours remaining to meet him the next day. Everything seemed perfect. Was I falling in love? Life was pampering me much more than I could have ever imagined. The minutes turned into days. And days into weeks and months. We had finally reached the end of our MBA course and it was the time to bid goodbye.

I searched for him in every nook and corner but he was nowhere to be found. I would have left numerous messages on WhatsApp, called umpteen number of times but he never bothered to even reply. It seemed as though he had simply shut me off from his life. And then one fine day, I saw his marriage pictures on Facebook. Interestingly, they weren’t dated after the MBA course was over but instead sometime before it.

I was aghast to say the least. There were a million questions swirling in my head. Was he mocking me by putting up these pictures now? Was this all a joke? Was our friendship a joke? Why did he play around with my feelings? Why did he make me fall in love with him? Why did he leave me alone all of a sudden? Why did he lie to me saying that he wasn’t married?

But sadly, there was no one to answer them. He had just disappeared from my life as quickly as he had come into it.

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  1. This one makes me think, what happened next. Great one Aseem. Loved it. I do not know how many people must have related to this tale of love 😉

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks Parul :). Yeah, I am sure so many must have come across this kind of tale, right? 😛 Ahh..The trials and tribulations of love.

  2. Oh, I hate him. Weird, you can hate a fictional character. 😛

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah, and I am sure such characters are more common than we think in real life. Good to know you could hate the character cuz I hate him too ;).

  3. I hate him too! Really!

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