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100 word fiction – Life after death…

Stair to Heaven

Stair to Heaven


“Dad, I feel that mom doesn’t seem to care either for my sorrows or my happiness.”

Reena was a happy-go-lucky woman who was always full of life and brought happiness and joy to everyone. That’s why her sudden death courtesy a heart attack was all the more shocking for everyone.

For years, Ram had tried to deflect such questions from his son for want of a suitable answer. But finally, he had to give in.

“Son, she has gone to God’s place since she was a beautiful person. And God likes beautiful people.”

“She’s up there.” He exclaimed pointing skywards.

Written for Indispire Prompt 48: What do you think happens after one dies? Bring out the best creative imagination to explain.

Linking to NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month – January) – My post no 10 for this month.

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  1. I remember, when I was too young, (kid to abhi hoon 😛 ) looking up at the stars.. them watching over us 🙂 It was such a good world for me back then.. same with you, agree bhai?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Sure maan.. Being a kid and enjoying was surely a different experience altogether.. 😀

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