Truth vs Lies

Truth vs Lies


We love to lie for anything and everything in our lives, don’t we? From simple lies which may not harm people to those which could actually be detrimental to individuals, lying has become part and parcel of our lives. But why do we lie? Why is it so difficult to be true to people around?

One of the primary reasons is fear. Fear from our parents, extended family, friends, peers and more. We fear on the way they would react hearing the truth. We fear having to bear the consequences of being true to the situation. Moreover, a lot of us lack the courage and the will-power to be able to handle the effects of telling the truth to people.

A lot of people lie in order to maintain their social contacts and status in the society. Individuals who are not that successful in their personal or professional lives feel threatened by their peers in the success they get and therefore lying seems an easy option. Whether its about their social status, their professional careers or even their personal lives, lying becomes commonplace slowly but surely.

These individuals also lack the self confidence in themselves and therefore believe that concocting stories of different kinds can go a long way in helping them succeed.

Lying to benefit oneself in way or the other is another common reason for people to take advantage of any situation. There are so many of us who lie just to get that one job. Yes, we may succeed in getting it. But what after that? If you have faked your way to success, there is a great chance that some day or the other the truth may be out. And that’s when, your bubble of success would burst.

There have been various situations in my life wherein I have believed that telling the truth was better than lying for short term gains. From getting low marks in a course to getting brickbats from one of the teachers at school, hiding was always an easy option. But I knew that my parents would get to know this sometime or the other. And therefore, rather than delaying and facing worse consequences later, I ensured that I faced their wrath head-on and not delay it on any pretext.

I feel that as much lying or telling the truth depends on the individual himself, it also depends on the way the individual’s loved ones react. If parents shout at children for the low marks they get during an exam without even discussing the reasons for the same, they may lie the next time their grades come out. If a husband shouts at his wife for going out to someone’s house, she may not even tell him the next time she does so. If your friend shouts at you just because you gave him some advice on grooming himself, you may not even bother to comment on the same the next time.

While lying is not always harmful, we need to have the courage to utter the truth and also be able to bear its consequences.

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