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Five Sentence Fiction: Finding Happiness..

He popped the question..

He popped the question..


“The city has been so amazingly decked up with lights of different colours, shapes and sizes for the festive season. You can feel the happiness among everyone around.”

There had been ups and downs in her personal life but finally with Tom, she seemed to have found the right man. And just as he had always amazed her, he popped the question right at the start of the new year.

She could feel as though all the elements had united together to bring her the utmost happiness.

Written for Five Sentence Fiction Prompt: Jolly. Read the other entries here.

Linking to Theme Thursday: Togetherness.

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  1. Glad your character found happiness; all our hopes for the New Year

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah that’s my resolution. Try to find happiness in the smallest of things possible :D.

  2. Ultimate happiness!!! Nicely written!

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