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eBooks vs Paperbacks

Paperback vs eBooks

Paperback vs eBooks


Since the time e-books have gained a foothold in the literary world, the war between e-books and paperbacks has begun. It is a war which has split individuals with extremely divergent views on different sides of the spectrum. Can both of them survive together? Or is it that one will win over the other? Let’s check it out.

E-books are pretty cost effective for the publisher as well as the reader. Publishers don’t encounter any costs in terms of printing the copies of the book. E-Books also provide prospective authors the opportunity to self publish their work without having to run behind publishers with huge manuscripts which is the case if one wants to get paperbacks published.

Moreover with the advent of e-books, various e-book readers like Kindle, Nook etc. are gaining in popularity. Readers can download thousands of books on a single device. While many of the books come complementary with the device, even the ones which the readers have to pay for are generally available at a nominal cost.

In such a case,  those who have the habit of devouring a lot many books in a month would surely go for e-books, right? Carrying one device to replace the weight and cost of a multitude of books is quite a good deal, isn’t it? Many of the e-book readers also allow you to turn pages giving you the feel of actually reading a paperback.

But then paperbacks have a feel of their own, don’t they? Yes, they are much more expensive for both the publisher and the reader. Yes, spending money on buying a book may cost you a great deal. Yes, if you are an avid reader, carrying too many paperbacks becomes really heavy.

Despite all this and more, the smell and the feel of touching the pages of a newly bought book is something I cherish all the time. For me, that feeling of turning the pages in a paperback cannot be replaced by a Kindle or a Nook.

Though I agree that the benefits e-books provide outweigh those provided by paperbacks, I being the hopeless romantic I am continue to love paperbacks more.

Going forward, am sure both e-books and paperbacks will continue to survive and succeed in their own ways.

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  1. Earlier, I didn’t like ebooks. I felt that they lack the feel and characters of a paperback. But since a year, I am reading on iPad and I am liking it. I move and travel a lot, now I have all my books with me. And I can read anywhere, anytime.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah actually I was thinking the same. eBooks are surely easier to carry around compared to paperbacks. Maybe, if I start traveling a lot, would surely need to buy a tab / ebook reader ;).

  2. Paperbacks are never going to lose their charm. :’)

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