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Peshawar Attack: Lives Lost. Dreams Crushed.

Peshawar Army Public School Attack

Peshawar Army Public School Attack


Anwar was like every other 16 year old of his age who loved music, movies and spending time on the Internet playing games and surfing on Facebook. A topper in his class, he was full of life and had many friends who loved him for his affable nature and his ability to keep everyone happy. Little did his mom know that when she was making his breakfast today, it would be the last time she would be making something for him. Anwar always hugged her before leaving for school. She couldn’t have even imagined in her wildest dreams that it was the last time she was hugging him.

There were hundreds of Anwar’s today. They were full of life and came to school with happiness and joy lit on their faces. They had heard about terrorists and such attacks in other parts of Pakistan and the world. But for them school was a place to study, make friends and learn the lessons of life. Dressed in neatly ironed uniforms with bags containing books and their lunch boxes, they got out of their buses and walked to the classrooms for another exciting day.

As they began their usual program of classes, they started to hear gunshots. The terrorists who entered fired these shots indiscriminately at first and then started going around killing each child or teacher one by one. Some were shot in the head. While others were shot in the face, hip, spine, legs and everywhere they could aim at.

It was barbarism at its worst. In the span of a couple of hours, hundreds of lives were extinguished. Hundreds of smiles and happy faces were put to rest. The laughter and cacophony of the children was replaced by gunshots and bomb blasts. The walls and floors were littered with the blood and the lifeless body of each victim.

As the hours went by and the parents started to find the bodies of their children, the depth of the tragedy started to sink in. Parents couldn’t even begin to describe the feeling of sending their children in school uniforms and receiving their bodies in coffins. These were children many of whom didn’t know what war actually meant. Many didn’t know what terrorism is or why it exists. These were children who couldn’t fathom as to why army men (the terrorists were disguised in army uniforms) would kill everyone indiscriminately.

These were children who didn’t mean harm to anyone. But little did they know that they were just a pawn in the battle between the government and the terrorists.

Today was a dark day when humanity died a painful death.

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  1. It’s such a painful day. No words can describe the agony and anger.

  2. Extremely coward play. Unforgivable. May god give courage and strength to all who have lost their loved ones….

    • aseemrastogi2

      True Priyashi. Hope each parent gets the strength and the courage to bear this loss. And moreover, hope humanity is still alive in this world and we don’t see such a day again.

  3. as long as our pain is transitory nothing will change, next time only the victims will be different

    • aseemrastogi2

      True Indu. We need to rise together to fight this monster where religion, region, caste, creed etc. have divided people so much so that they are ready to kill each other without a care in the world :(.

  4. A terrible, Tragic and dark day for humanity. WHERE are we headed to?

    • aseemrastogi2

      It’s become such a sad situation that we sit helpless in the midst of such pain around us. It’s time we said enough is enough and unite to fight such evil enemies around us. It’s time we rise above region, religion, caste, creed and what not.

      I just hope that such a day doesn’t just live in books or among idealists, but becomes a reality some day.

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