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Those numerous walks around the college with friends just so that there was one hour less to spend alone in the hostel room. The  ritual to order an ice tea every-time they crossed the Nescafe bar to quench their thirst in the growing humidity. The sound of the whistle blown by the security guard to indicate that it was past her in-time at hostel and they needed to bid goodbye. The numerous hours spent laughing and enjoying in the canteens, food courts, libraries, classrooms and labs. The times when they escaped out of the campus to watch the latest flicks at the nearby theater for just Rs 20. College life was all this and more.

The life at college teaches you and prepares you for the tough and challenging lessons of professional life. And so was the case with me. I still remember the day when I bid my parents goodbye and walked alone towards my hostel. There was a mixture of tension, emotion and apprehension on the way life would take its course. But then as is the case with everyone, I learned with time.

Our college was literally like a city bigger than even the town I lived in. There was everything including canteens, food courts, gyms, different kinds of  clubs from music to space, banks, supermarkets and god knows what. There didn’t seem any need to go to the town at all.

Being one of the hottest cities in the country with a very humid climate, I pretty much loved to spend a lot of time in the AC food court. Though we used to order just a couple of things to save costs, we made it a point to sit in there for as long as possible lest we have to come out and start sweating all over again. But since there was just one such food court, the waiting time was long most of the time.

But why worry about AC when you have one of the largest college libraries in India? With more than 4 floors of books of all shapes and sizes, the library was a great space for people to hang out, chat, work on projects, read any newspaper or journal and off course study. The AC provided a good enough reason for me to escape from my room as long as possible.

If not AC, then it always came down to the work I engaged myself in. Playing in basketball & volleyball courts, jamming in music rooms, waiting in the labs for hours on end just to get the correct reading, all of them were fun in their own way. During our college fests, there were numerous times, we had to sit all night planning for the various events. The fact that I got to interact and meet so many new people in the different activities I engaged myself in was a delight in itself.

As you can see, there was so much to do and so many lovely places to hang out at college. But above all, there was a lot of fun in walking around the campus with friends seeing different people go about doing their own thing.

College was a world of its own and the life we lived was one to cherish forever.

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  1. meandmydarkside

    Have you noticed, everyone writes about UG, like we almost didn’t care about our Masters! :D. Well written, Aseem. Walk down the memory lane…
    Why didn’t you use a VIT pic or a group pic?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hahah. Yeah for me college life was defined by the times during UG. Masters was good in its own way but then the fun, enjoyment and the way I learnt things and became independent defined my time during UG :). Nice to know you liked it maan :D. Yeah for a moment I thought of using a group pic but then thought of keeping it anonymous just like that ;).

  2. Made me nostalgic about my college days…

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks Manjulika :). Yeah, this was a lovely contest which took us back to those wonderful days :D.

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