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Five Sentence Fiction: The Note


“You are just a good-for-nothing fellow who eats, sleeps and watches TV all day along without a care in the world”

He was used to hearing his mother like this since the time he had recovered from the near-death experience two years back which had resulted in him being bed-ridden, and this coupled with his father’s death was like a double whammy for his mother who knew that she would have to work doubly hard so that she and her son could survive and she could also pay for his medical bills.

Saying this, she left the house in a huff and only after reaching the office, she took out the note her son had kept at the door.

“Mom! I know that I haven’t been a good son and not done anything to make you proud.

But I just want to say that I love you very much and I truly understand the hard-work, irritation and frustration you go through everyday of your life just to see me happy.”

Written for Five Sentence Fiction’s Prompt: Irritation

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  1. This is really sweet and heart-felt. I think, we should express our gratitude to those who make our lives beautiful.

    • aseemrastogi2

      True Saru, we must always express what we feel because one never knows when it might become too late. Nice to know you liked it :).

  2. gratitude: simple yet very powerful 🙂

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