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Five Sentence Fiction – Envy



From expensive cars to every gadget in the market, Janet had it all or so she believed. She just had to demand whatever she wanted and her parents would make her wish come true.

But money doesn’t always bring happiness, does it? And so when she heard her friend Lucie talk about simple acts of love and care defining happiness in her life, she could just stand & wonder.  Janet couldn’t help but envy Lucie for the simple fact that she found happiness in such sweet simple little things around her.

Written for the Five Sentence Fiction Prompt: Envy

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  1. I have several ‘rich’ cousins who fit the description of Janet perfectly. They are just never happy.
    My most recent post is about a popular, but mean girl who was jealous of my (the dorky unpopular girl’s) good luck.

    • aseemrastogi2

      We humans are such unsatisfied species. Even when we have everything we are unhappy just because someone else has something more than us.

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