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100 word fiction – Is it a car or a loader?

Photo Prompt: A hybrid between a car and a loader
PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Jean L. Hays

“What the hell have you brought here? This yellow trash looks awful.”

“C’mon dad. Don’t you think this is brilliant? Depending on our choice, we can use it both as a car and as a loader.

“When we step out on the roads, this is going to be a big embarrassment.” Ronnie didn’t really like the idea one bit.

“Embarrassment? For me, embarrassment is when we can’t pay our loans for the loader we bought years ago and the police come and take us away as if we are criminals.”

Ronnie could just look on silently hearing his son’s rant.

Written for the Photo Prompt and you can read the other entries here.

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  1. I understand the father, Ronnie, but also the son has a point. If they already lost the loader to bad times, then I think the Edsel Loader is a good idea. Nice job! Nan 🙂

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