Quikrrrrrrr.. Quikr! I am sure you must have heard this slogan or read about it somewhere. The strong ad campaign on print, digital and the television industry has ensured that Quikr as a brand has a strong recall value among a huge section of the population.

For a company which began just about 6 yrs back in 2008, Quikr has rapidly expanded into one of India’s largest portals to buy, sell or rent just about anything across more than 12 categories and 140 sub-categories including mobiles & tablets, real estate, pets, electronics, cars & bikes and much more. There are also categories like jobs, matrimonials etc. for those who are interested.

So with a budget of Rs 5000, I began my search for anything interesting I could find. Moreover, it was Diwali time and I wanted to purchase something interesting. My city for the search was Hyderabad having lived here for more than 3 years now. It was a great opportunity to learn on what all the city has to offer.

Quikr Homepage

On the hyderabad.quikr.com page, there are options for the prospective customer to choose the category of his or her choice if interested. The prospective customer can also enter the search term for the item he or she is looking for. Moreover, Quikr also allows the customer to change the language option from a selection of 8 languages. This is surely a great way to build the connect with people across various cities and states. In case if one wants to post an ad or sell and advertise something, the homepage gives that option as well. That’s quite a lot, isn’t it?

Quikr Homepage

Customers can also directly access the most popular categories on Quikr as well as create alerts for the categories or sub-categories they are looking for by entering the requisite details. In case of any available items based on the data entered in their locality, they would be contacted by phone or email.


Once the customer selects a category, there are different sub-categories which need to be selected. Since I was interested in selecting either a mobile or a tablet, I selected the mobiles & tablets category. There are sub-categories of various brands as well as other mobile accessories which the customer can select from. If the customer doesn’t find his or her choice of brand in the list, he can directly click the “All brands” sub-category.

Refining Search Results

Refine Search Results

I decided to search for a suitable mobile phone and therefore clicked “All brands” to move to the Mobile phones page. There are a plethora of options like brand name, price range, the time when the ad was posted, OS, location to collect from, number of SIMs, ads with or without photos etc. given by Quikr for any customer to refine the search results for searching the best possible mobile device.

One of the options which allows you to filter based on “New / Used” is quite revealing for the fact that there is a myth that Quikr always sells only used products. But then a lot of these ‘New’ products are also sold both by individuals as well as dealers. A lot of individuals these days buy certain items and sell it off for various reasons like wanting to make a quick buck, getting another better phone as a gift or just wanting to milk the market (Eg: Xiaomi phones which are quite scarce due to being unavailable during the flash sales).

If this was not enough, customers also have the option to view the items in a grid or list view as well as the ability to sort them in ascending or descending order based on price and date. While price is obviously a very important factor for all of us in making the right choice, date cannot be far behind either.

Sorting by the date on which the ad was set up is a great way for customers to know the latest ads. This is quite important when the particular product has a huge demand as people throng the site regularly  and as soon as it’s available, they set up the meeting with the seller.

On the product page, the sellers usually give the basic information about the product. The seller may or may not have added a photograph of the product. Obviously, looking at the photograph gives a good idea on what to expect before visiting the seller. But if the buyer is impressed without even seeing an image of the product, it’s his call to contact the seller.  Along with this info, the seller gives a phone number on which the prospective buyer can call and set up the meeting.

As I explored the site in more depth; particularly the mobiles and tablets category, I realized that it’s very important for the buyers to contact the sellers immediately. I set my sights on buying either of the two phones – Asus Zenfone 4 or Xiaomi Redmi 1S in the budget that I had.

At first, I found a good deal for the Asus Zenfone 4 at Tarnaka, Hyderabad on 22nd October. But I told the buyer that I will be taking a look at it on 23rd October during Diwali. Little did I know that the phone would be gone in just a matter of minutes because the seller got a buyer on 22nd October itself and it was a win-win deal for him as he was looking for a buyer quite immediately.

Quikr Redmi 1s Product Page

Quikr Redmi 1s Product Page

And so, when I set my sights on Xiaomi Redmi 1S, I made it a point to let the seller know that I would be coming the same day in a couple of hours to have a look at it. Obviously when you buy a 2nd hand phone, you need to look at the functionalities of the camera and other basic functions like calling and messaging facility, the various apps and the bills along with other details.

Quikr Redmi1s Product Details Page

Quikr Redmi 1s Product Details Page

It was quite a simple transaction as the seller sent me the invoice and other bill details almost immediately through email and he also handed me the Flipkart box with all the other accessories. The device cost me Rs 5,500 and he had just bought it 2-3 days prior to selling it.

Redmi 1S

All in all, Quikr helped a great deal in creating awareness of the various products available with individuals as well as the costs one would incur in purchasing them. It’s easy to filter the best possible brands and products available based on price and other factors in the nearest locality and city.

Guess I was so excited to buy what I wanted that I went overbudget by Rs 500 ;).

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