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There was a time when we had to spend hundreds of rupees to call someone anywhere in India let alone the world. Mobile phones were a rarity and a luxury as well. And the most famous one was Nokia (referred to as a brick by many because of its weight).

But today, technology has changed our perspective of the world around us in more ways than one. Whether its exploring the latest news or meeting and interacting with new people, finding jobs & perfect matches or building careers in music and writing, the online world gives each of us a great platform to do all this and more.

From Twitter to Facebook, from Quora to Instagram, there have been a plethora of social networks & micro-blogging platforms which have given people a chance to express themselves in any which way possible. For those who love expressing themselves in a great number of words, there are many blogging platforms like Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger etc. which provide various options to customize, design and create engaging content.

When it began, blogging was something of a niche activity which people did just to voice their opinions. But over the years, it has grown beyond just being a pool of various opinions. There are many bloggers out there who have built their expertise in specific domains and areas of interests. There are also those who have created a career out of blogging and are laughing all the way to the bank.

Food Bloggers, Travel Bloggers, Fashion Bloggers, Tech Bloggers, Creative Bloggers, Celebrity Bloggers, Book Bloggers… The list goes on. As blogging gained momentum, bloggers realized that writing exclusively on a topic of their interest could be a good way to build their reader base. Those who had a good understanding on the specific topic of their interest were able to build their expertise in that area. Say for eg: If you cook well and love writing, food blogging is something you can try your hand at. Food bloggers have slowly also started using YouTube to get their message forward. Many travel bloggers love to explore and plan their own trips.

And here is where technology comes in. There have been a multitude of smartphones & interactive TVs introduced in the last couple of years with every technology you could dream of. It has never been easier to blog, take selfies and share them on social networks on the go. All you need is a smartphone with a decent 3G connection and you are good to go.

As you would have realized by now, the plethora of stuff to do in the online world has greatly reduced the boundaries between people across states, regions and countries around the world. With blogging competitions & meets, discussions among blogging groups on Facebook, chats on Twitter among like-minded individuals, it has become easier to interact and share ideas with bloggers and writers anywhere anytime.

Blogging communities organize events like blogger meets & daily and weekly contests which ensure that the bloggers are encouraged and engaged enough to pen their thoughts into words. Reading posts of famous bloggers and meeting inspiring individuals in the field of blogging is what brings out the best among bloggers. I have met some very interesting people from different parts of the world during these meets and learnt various facets of blogging from many of them.

The 90s concept of pen friends has evolved into the concept of blogger friends today. These individuals meet each other during blogger meets or on social networks and share interesting ideas to further their blogging aspirations.

And it’s this interplay of technology with blogging and social networks that has taken us beyond boundaries and helped bond, share ideas and build lasting relationships with individuals from different walks of life who we may not know or meet otherwise.

This post is a part of “Beyond Boundaries” at in association with INK 2014. It is written with the help of the extremely talented Manjulika

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  1. 🙂 true Aseem. Blogging connects and takes you to places too 😀

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