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The winter is coming in just a few days. Have you bought your warm clothes yet? For those who don’t really have a season called winter, do you have any plans of traveling to the mountains on a trip?

The snow is slowly starting to cover the mountain peaks. The trees and flowers have begun to disappear behind the white blanket created by the snow.

We humans are never happy. When it’s really hot, we crib about the extreme heat and how rains would make things better. When it rains, we crib about how too much rain is pouring water over our plans to hang out. When its really cold, we pray that it becomes warmer so that we can live in peace.

Winter is a challenge for so many of us in many different ways. For the poor who cannot afford warm clothes, it becomes a challenge to survive each day and cheat death. For the rest, even though they can afford to keep themselves warm, they avoid taking bath for days just so that they don’t have to literally freeze.

Driving or Flying in the north of India becomes quite a deadly challenge particularly at night and early morning with the fog bringing down the visibility by quite a few notches.

But then, it’s also boom time for businesses at hill stations. Lots of tourists throng to places like Himachal, Jammu and Kashmir and the likes to have some fun in the snow. Whether its throwing pieces of ice at each other or looking at the snow capped mountain peaks, winter brings people close.

It’s about spreading love and warmth. Who wouldn’t love to sip hot coffee and munch snacks sitting by the fireplace & snuggle into their loved one?

So what are your plans for this winter?

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