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100 word fiction – The robbery


As the sun rays pierced through the colored bottles on the wall and hit her face, she finally began to regain consciousness. Battered and bruised, she struggled to get on her feet. The last thing she remembered was opening the door as her servant had rung the bell. He hit her couple of times with a really sharp object causing her to lose consciousness. She tried looking around to make sense of what had transpired. All she could see was open cupboards with clothes strewn all over. The safe was open and the cash and jewelry conspicuous by its absence.

This is a 100 word fiction written for the Friday Fictioneers brought about by Rochelle Wisoff – Click here to read the prompt and here to read the other entries in the link-up.

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  1. Cat

    Great little story in such a short word count. I felt for the poor woman.

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