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Game of Blogs: Chapter 9: The new entrant


Team: The Maverick X

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After bidding them goodbye, Tara finally sat to work on the assignment which was thrust upon her much against her wishes. Once she was done with cursing all her bosses, she began to concentrate on the job at hand.

Somewhere nearby –
With his chiseled features complimenting his blue eyes and the French beard he had just started sporting, Aryan looked like someone straight out of a model photo-shoot. Despite not being remotely associated with the celebrity industry, he had girls swooning over him. A terrific computer wizard, he knew the way to hack into the most secure firewalls one could ever think of.

Packing Laptop? Check. Ironing clothes? Check. Having a bath? Check. Coffee? Getting ready for office every day involved him having his daily dose of coffee. It was like caffeine had permeated through his system and without his daily dose, he wouldn’t survive the day. For about fifteen minutes, he searched every nook and corner of his house but he couldn’t find the sugar packets he had brought a few days back.

“Looks like I use so much sugar that I seem to have lost count of the sugar packets.” He mumbled to himself.

Since he had newly shifted to the society, he hadn’t had much of a chance to interact with his neighbors. Though it seemed quite odd to meet someone for the first time and ask for sugar, he was willing to take a chance just to satisfy his craving for coffee. And moreover, the market in the vicinity was closed for the day.

Wearing his usual formal attire with a tie to boot, he rang the bell at Tara’s home.

“Oh God! Whose it now? Why doesn’t anyone let me write the script in peace?” Tara tossed her laptop on the bed in a huff and walked towards the door.

She seemed quite surprised seeing such a smartly dressed guy around. Her society seemed to be full of old uncles and aunties who had retired or were on the verge of retirement. And here was someone who was young, handsome and looked European if one went by his facial features.

Before she could utter a word, he butted in.

“Hey! I am Aryan your new neighbor. How you doing? I just thought of dropping by to say Hi.”

“Uh Oh. Hi! I am Tara. Am doing great! What got you here?”

“Err. I know it sounds kind of weird but actually I was in a hurry for office and preparing my coffee. Looks like I misplaced my sugar packets. Would it be ok if I take some sugar from you?”

“Oh Sure! Not a problem at all.” And she walked into the kitchen and got a couple of packets almost immediately.
He walked in to find a nicely lit and beautifully decorated home. The Dutta’s seemed to have a good taste of furniture, colors and show pieces. While, he really loved the house, he knew that this was the beginning of his mission. He couldn’t imagine his luck on the ease with which he managed to get his way through.

“You seem to have weird office timings, don’t you?”

“Oh! Don’t ask. We work on shifts whether it’s for European, Australian or American clients. In the end, we are just servants serving our white masters. What a pathetic life!”

“Aww! I can truly understand that.

“By the way, you seem to have a lovely family. I just had a look at this family photo of yours.”

“Thanks Aryan. That’s the vacation we took just recently to get away from our daily routines. There’s nothing better than a lovely family to come back home to.”

“Anyways, thanks for this. You don’t know how important this is. Let’s chat some other time as I am in a hurry currently.” And he sped off with his sugar packets.

Once in his room –

“Shekhar Dutta! I am going to destroy you inch by inch. You can’t even imagine how much I detest you. And Tara Dutta, you are alive for now. Because you are the gold mine for all the information I would need.” And he laughed devilishly.

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  1. Love the way this is going…Writing a story in itself is an art but writing it as a team is something else altogether

    All the best..

    • aseemrastogi2

      True Nabanita. A different and interesting challenge altogether where different writers can bring in their own writing styles to keep things interesting :).

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