Their love for speed and adrenaline pumping bike rides had brought them close. But little did they know that the same love for bike rides was to change their thinking. Roaring away with their Royal Enfield’s, the two Enfielders loved exploring various locales across India. From the peaks in Ladakh to the plains in Madhya Pradesh, from the coastal rides across Goa to the journey around the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, biking took them places unknown, unseen and unspoilt.

Whether it was day or night, they loved exploring the topography of the countryside. During one such ride around the jungles in Chattisgarh, one of them had a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere. They tried to kickstart the bike to no avail. Finally, after what seemed like eons, they decided to find a mechanic even though they knew that finding one in the dead of the night amidst the jungles would be a really difficult task. They managed to find a guy beside a worn out shanty some ten minutes away.

He began stumbling as he tried to walk and didn’t seem to be doing too well either. But he did promise to help them by trying to find out the nearest mechanic in the vicinity. While he was away, the two managed to stretch a little and feel the cool fresh air on their faces. This was such a departure from the fast paced urban city life of everyday which they were so used to.

Just then, the same stumbling man appeared with three of his friends in tow. All of them looked quite ruffled and moved towards the couple with long menacing steps. Though this made the couple jittery, they didn’t quite show it on their faces. The ruffled men travelled with the couple in a Tata Sumo to the location where the bike broke down.

As they began fixing the broken tyre, two of the ruffled men kept guard looking at the lady on and off. She felt that keeping her gaze away from the men may help divert their attention. As she began pacing up and down wondering on when they could begin their trip again, a few men intruded into their territory from the fields behind. But even before they could begin their assault, the three ruffled men picked up the intruders and gave them a merciless thrashing of their lives.

Shocked and speechless, the couple tried their best to thank the ruffled men quite profusely. As they began their journey again, they realized that this twist in their lives had taught them to never judge an individual by his or her appearance.

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