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There are so many of us who don’t give importance to our lives. Whether we die or live, we feel that it won’t matter to anyone. Call it inferiority complex or whatever you like, we feel that there aren’t many people who care for us. Sadly, our life is not only ours. Our family, friends and many others are dependent on us in one way or the other. Do we even realize how they would feel if we commit suicide? Do we even think of them? Why are we so self-centered?

Whether its about love, escaping the wrath of parents for low marks at school, escaping from any kind of trouble and many such problems which lead to depression, people tend to think that committing suicide is the easiest way out for solving all their problems. Is life just a game for them?

Sadly, all these questions and more keep coming out every time we hear people committing suicides for reasons from the most serious to the most frivolous. The only people in this world who can do such an act are cowards. They feel that they cannot face up to reality and solve their problems through normal conversations.

Yes, a lot of them do feel that no one supports and cares for them. Some may think that if they can’t marry a person they love, there is no point living on. Some feel that if they cannot get a seat in the IIMs, their parents wouldn’t accept them. While such cases are common, it’s upto the parents and the extended family to ensure that the conditions are such that their children know they can come up and talk to them.

In the end, life becomes a joke wherein the people who do commit suicides think that they are courageous to jump off a building or slash their wrists. Sadly, it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

There is nothing in this world that justifies giving up your life. Even when you feel that you are in the worst possible scenario and there doesn’t seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel, talk to your friends and family. There is always someone out there to help you, care for you and make sure that you do the right thing.

Learn to live and admire each and every moment of life. You never know when it would be your last!

Written as part of the Voices for Suicide Prevention Day at Write Tribe.

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  1. very meaningful post, Aseem. Well written!

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