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Young speaker at a meeting

“Where is he when we need him the most? I always hate this habit of his. He never respects anyone’s time.”

“I am truly sorry Rajesh. I had reminded him about this meeting since the last few days. We had also prepared the presentation together.”

“I don’t care about you, him or this bloody presentation. Do you realize the importance of this meeting? It is the one which will decide whether we are able to crack the deal which many other vendors are pursuing as well. Get him here in the next 10 minutes any which way. If you don’t, then you will see the consequences.”

The D-Day had arrived for Rajesh. He knew that they could win the deal as they had individuals with superior skillsets and had prepared well in advance. But just when everything was going according to plan, Narayan informed him about the absence of Arjun.

Arjun was an experienced consultant with the organization for the last couple of years. He was experienced in handling multiple clients across the technology spectrum. And therefore, his skills were being utilized for preparing for the D-Day. But his habit of arriving late and giving the lamest excuses for the same irritated everyone to the limit.

The fact that he was so much in demand due to the work he had done, he could escape without getting penalized for such irresponsible behavior.

Since Narayan couldn’t reach Arjun on phone, he began asking his team members on whether they had seen Arjun arrive at the office. Everyone seemed to have seen him about an hour ago. Narayan asked a few individuals to search for Arjun in places like the food court, the pantry area, the sports center, the gym and the likes.

As the minutes ticked by, neither was he able to find Arjun nor was his phone reachable. Rajesh’s anger knew no bounds. He was burning with rage but he knew that Narayan couldn’t do much.

And then, just when everyone had lost hope on winning the deal, Arjun appeared looking dazed.

“I was stuck in the toilet due to those stupid freaks.” He said to no one in particular as he picked up his laptop and went straight into the meeting room. Giving presentations and ensuring that the interest of the audience is maintained throughout was something he managed at the back of his hand. Though, this time he also had to apologize for being late.

As he went on speaking, everyone listened in rapt attention. He knew what would work & what wouldn’t for the client. Rajesh’s facial expressions turned from anger to surprise to happiness when the clients clapped to indicate their satisfaction at the presentation. Arjun’s presentation had done its job.

He came. He spoke. He conquered.

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  1. forum parikh

    I have seen many who can manage situations such as this. Though I thought who were the freaks you referred to in the story. Just got inquisitive.

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