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Our home is where our hearts always lie. We feel safe and secure behind those four walls. Whether its about saving us from the brutal summer or harsh winter, our homes provide us the shelter we need. And therefore, we all dream of having the perfect home with beautiful fittings, vibrant colours and large spaces. When I was searching for options to decorate my home, I happened to visit the MakeMyHome website. It gives a great variety of products to choose from. And I couldn’t resist.

I decided to buy a couple of items to give my home a more contemporary and ethnic look.

Firstly, I went for the Swayam Boutique Collection 3 pcs Bedroom Set which consisted of the bed sheet, bed cover & pillow covers. The blue and green shade of the bedroom set perfectly matched with the colours of the walls of my home.


A love for Rajasthani handicrafts encouraged me to go for the Wallmount set of Miniature Pots which were specially hand painted in madhubani and worli style. Their presence in my sitting room would give it a truly ethnic feel. The extensive hardwork which had gone in to create them showed through with the exquisite designs of the artisans.


And finally, my interest in all things Rajasthani pushed me to select the Rajasthan flower vase with gold leaf work. With its beautiful red and green colours and use of Makarana Marble, the vase would be the perfect addition to the decor of my house.


With these 3 items, I am sure, I would be able to re-do my home to make it seem like a heaven again. Whether your style is contemporary, chic, ethnic, casual or any other, MakemyHome has everything to suit your tastes.

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