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When you get out of the airport, you throw litter on the road without a concern. Despite knowing that the vehicle you use is causing pollution, you don’t care because no one asks you to change. You don’t go to vote but keep cribbing about every minister in the country. You can tweet, blog or put up Facebook posts on the state of the nation and what can be done better. But you dislike the thought of even trying to make things better by working for a government organization to build the future of the nation.

Where is your patriotism? Is your patriotism just related to putting up blogs or changing your display picture on social networking sites? Is patriotism just going to a flag hoisting ceremony and then coming back and molesting and groping women?

You talk about the Western world with such awe. Whether its the construction or the beauty of the cities, you are enamored by anything associated with the foreign culture. When someone suggests you to be the change you want to see in your own country, you just laugh it off. Is it so difficult to bring a change? It’s easy to sit on a sofa, watch TV and criticize till the cows come home. But the biggest challenge arises when you are asked to do something.

There are NGOs. There are governmental organizations. There are various bodies doing work to uplift the society in various parts of the country. There is so much you can do if you want to get up and move beyond plain criticism. If you just want to lie down and sleep, there is surely no hope for you and because of people like you, there will never be any hope for the nation.

“Get Up! Get up!” My mom was waking me up from my deep slumber. After trying unsuccessfully for a few minutes, she poured cold water over my peaceful sleep.

I sat pondering over what I had just dreamed. It felt as if my country had come to life and she was really hurt at the definition of patriotism among the youth today. She never imagined that a day would come when people may not even care about the nation that gave them so much.

Patriotism is not just about sitting and twiddling your thumbs. You need to rise and do something for the country before it’s too late. Because whatever you do would affect your future generations.

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  1. I agree, patriotism can’t just be defined only with changing profile picture or watching patriotic movies during 15th August

    • aseemrastogi2

      Sadly the state of affairs is such which makes a lot of people think that patriotism is defined by petty things.

  2. You just made a very valid point in the straightest possible way! respect!

  3. Raghunath PV

    Each year we celebrate our Independence day and our republic day and all I feel is the exasperation…the same people change their facebook profile and lately their watsapp pics to a flag or our country in tricolour….But when you ask them why they spit on the roador throw the trash around wherever they find an empty space…the answer you get is a laugh….I know this may not be a popular sentiment…but celebrating a day every year that we reclaimed our property is a little bit ridiculous…celebrate the leaders who gave us inspiration to fight…But stop celebrating the fact that we drove off the thief occupying our land…We don’t celebrate a fact that we drove off someone occupying our land every year…right???Be a Indian every day of your life…not just 2 days in a year…

    • aseemrastogi2

      Truly agree Raghunath. We need more and more people with your thinking. Thanks for dropping by :).

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