There are so many of us who dedicate their lives to help others. Companies do it as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) while individuals do it for their personal satisfaction at having given back. Helping others could be through monetary benefits, psychological benefits, health benefits etc. For some of us, keeping others happy is what makes us happy.

Think of various scenarios. A person working in an NGO is selfless and always ready to help the one in need. A doctor always tries to ensure that he or she can provide the best possible care for a patient so that families are happy. An individual in the hospitality industry always ensures that the customer is happy because he or she is the king.

As the world celebrated the ‘World Organ Donation Day’ recently, I thought of those people who pledge to donate their various body parts to the less privileged after they die. They do it to ensure that they can bring happiness in the lives of others even after they are long gone.

Age, caste, creed, religion etc are no bar in organ donation. Even if a person has specific diseases like cancer, HIV etc, after careful observation by various doctors and health practitioners, the person can donate any organ if it is functioning in perfect condition.

I still remember one of our family friends who was bed-ridden for a long time due to a horrific car crash. He stayed in coma for a while and tried to fight it out. But when he realized that his condition was overpowering him, he pledged to donate all his functioning organs to the needy individuals. He felt that those organs were of no use to him since he didn’t have too many days left to survive.

He hoped that his organs would console many grieving families and bring a smile and tears of happiness on their faces. His parents could go to sleep peacefully thinking that their son had made them proud even in his death with his courage and compassion.

Don’t make organ donation sound like a task to achieve. Think of it as a deed by which you can earn the blessings of thousands. Do you know that one organ donor can save upto 8 lives?

This post is written as part of the World Organ Donation Day prompt at WriteTribe.

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