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Her dark kohl-lined eyes always seemed to radiate a warm glow which made me go weak in the knees. Her hair was a shade of dark brown which partly covered her face owing to the breeze. As she tried to part it away with her hand, my heart skipped a beat. With full lips and a well toned body, she looked like a dream. Was I dreaming? Was she for real? Her radiant smile would have been enough to make the world happy. If she would have been sad, the world would have shared her sorrow.

I made it a point to cross that road each and every day at the same time while coming back from work. Whether it was western or Indian formals, she was always elegantly dressed. Her sense of style, be it the attire or the matching minimal jewellery was brilliant.

Why does she have to wait alone everyday at the bus stop? Is there no one who can drop her home? I am sure she must be working in a huge organization. If I ask her to hop into my car, will she agree? All these questions and more were swirling in my head. Considering the recent rape incidents, the city wasn’t really very safe after 7pm.

I am not too bad, am I? Pursuing the usual degrees and then working as a manager at a multinational; I had a pretty boring life if you consider some of the opinions around. But, I made it a point to stay fit always. Whether it was eating the right stuff or running to the gym every day, this was something I couldn’t forego even with loads of work at office. Though it was more to do with health, obviously looking good was a perk I couldn’t miss.

Finally, I had made up my mind to ask her. What’s the worst that could happen? She would just refuse and leave, right? The traffic that evening was moving at a snail’s pace and after what seemed like an eternity, I finally reached my destination. After a lot of pleading and assuring her, she agreed to hop in.

I tried some small talk. But she was mostly replying in monosyllables preferring to keep a distance. The perfume she was wearing seemed to perfectly complement her personality. As we neared her place, there was more traffic in store.

Meanwhile, the thunder and lightening in the skies was deafening. And it rained that night. The rain was so heavy that the traffic wasn’t moving one bit. After cursing the weather gods, she slowly opened up and we spoke. Maybe, she realized, I wouldn’t bite her after all. As she started to get comfortable, we starting talking about our lives, our work, our friends and a lot more.

Though the city was flooded, the rain that night had given me a reason to smile.


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