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Movie Review – Holiday: A Soldier is Never Off Duty


Holiday – A Solider is Never Off Duty starring Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha and Govinda in lead roles is the remake of the Vijay starrer Thupakki. Both the flicks have been directed by A.R.Murugadoss. Though he’s made quite a few movies down South, this is his 2nd attempt in Bollywood after Ghajni. Does it succeed? Let’s check it out.

Virat (Akshay Kumar) is a captain in the Defense Intelligence Agency in the Army. As soon as he’s back home on a holiday, his parents rush him off to get married to Saiba (Sonakshi Sinha). In between he is caught up in a bomb attack on a bus and stumbles upon a terrorist who is part of a group of individuals who are planning to attack the city of Mumbai at various locations. The rest of the story deals with how he and his army mates go about stopping the terrorists.

The concept is no doubt interesting as it gives a lot of scope for thrills and spills. The story is quite pacy as Akshay chases down the terrorists one by one. But the basic problem is the fact that logic takes a backseat throughout the movie.

Is it so easy to kill random people on the streets without anyone chasing you? Are terrorists that easy to catch? Can one man just destroy tens of people without much fuss? Looks like the director just finished watching Gadar. And he saw a Sunny Deol in Akshay Kumar. Moreover, why did those guys become terrorists? There’s no explanation whatsoever on why were they hell bent to destroy Mumbai. Entertainment is one thing and logic is another.

Interestingly along with this, the director has also included a social message on how army men stay away from their families and fight on the border to protect the nation. This brings a touch of emotion to the entire proceedings. But that’s just not enough to carry the flick.

‘Blame the Night’, ‘Aaj Dil Shayrana’ and ‘Tu Hi Toh Hai’ are the pick of the lot among the songs. But to be honest, they act as a deterrent from the story. The romantic track or lack of it is an irritation to say the least. The movie revolves around the locales of Mumbai. But the cinematography is nothing much to talk about.

Among the performances, Akshay Kumar does a fairly decent job as the army captain. Thankfully he’s doing something else than his usual senseless comedies. Sonakshi Sinha doesn’t get any scope. And honestly, she’s quite pathetic whenever she comes around. As for Govinda, the lesser said the better about his role. Wonder what was he thinking. Freddy Daruwala needs to go back to acting school as soon as possible. He would have to go down as one of the worst villains in Bollywood in recent times.

All in all, you better off spending your holiday at home rather than in a theater!

Rating – 1.5/5


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  1. forum parikh

    I saw holiday as the first movie after a long exile in other words after appearing for my exams. Well I found it as a decent movie. These days there are hardly any movies that are produced with a lot of logic. Even hollywood comes into the category. It was a great dedication to the real army men.
    Govinda was credited as special appearance in the movie so his role was as such.
    I agree sonakshi sinha should stop taking up such repetitive roles wherein she plays almost the same character
    Akshay kumar did do a good job.
    I am quote happy with the movie and I guess would even be fine without the extra detailing that you need

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