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We laugh. We cry. We get stressed. We feel lonely. We get angry. We love. We hate. We get irritated. We fight. We make up. We get scared. Emotions of all kinds define our lives each and every single day. A person without emotions is just a lifeless object. Emotions are something which make our lives meaningful. But why doesn’t everyone have the same emotions? Why do our emotions get mixed up so many times?

Have you ever felt happy and nervous at the same time? Have you ever felt sad and excited at the same time? There are many times when our emotions get mixed up. We don’t really know whether to be happy or sad. Consider the below scenario.

You have got a new job in a big organization. You are really excited at the prospect of making a big name for yourself. But you are also nervous at the expectations your managers and seniors will have from you.

Mixed emotions confuse a lot of people many a time. But that’s how life is. God has interesting ways to make things beautiful for us. He makes us happy and sad at one time just so that we don’t feel an excess of any of the emotions and react accordingly.

People generally show different degrees of emotions. This depends on various factors which includes their ability to comprehend a situation, their upbringing, their values and also their reaction time to any situation. Consider a scenario –

Your friend is as calm as a cucumber in any situation. Only if he gets irritated beyond a limit does he get slightly angry. And there is another friend who raises his voice and gets furious at any time on any pretext.

Both have different ways of reacting to a situation. It’s not that any of them are wrong. But instead it just goes to show that every person is different in his or her own way with different ways of reacting to a similar situation.

Emotions help us survive, fight, love and live a peaceful life. If we are angry with someone, we confront the person who has made us angry. If we love someone, we go forward to profess our love so that the person understands us our feelings. Whatever be the reason, emotions help individuals drive their worlds.

Do emotions make your life worth living?


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  1. forum parikh

    Without emotions life is not worth living Cuz otherwise we wouldn’t be anything less than a zombie.
    Emotions is one of the tools that deliver what we feel towards a given situation. The worst probably is that true that we confront the person whom we get angry with But sadly we can’t if the recipient is your superior. A person may not express his feelings for a girl or a guy who they just starting being find of. But these emotions play a huge role. Makes every day exciting and worth living for 🙂
    I might have gone off track or otherwise 😛

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