Social Networks of all kinds have sprung up these days. Whether its Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Quora, Instagram, Pinterest or any other, people seem to have become social in more ways than one. Whether its chatting with friends, asking queries about all and sundry, making professional connections or even following people who have similar opinions as you, social networks cater to each and every taste.

And so when I was recently asked to review ‘‘, I was quite curious to know what’s it about. At the outset it is a social platform for people to express their opinions on anything and everything under the sun. From Rafael Nadal’s performance in the French open to the Nigerian army’s response to Boko Haram, from Miley Cyrus’s dresses to the taste of hand cooked chicken, this network gives people a chance to put their opinions forward.

The registration bit is similar to most sites these days. If you don’t want to go through the cumbersome process of registering with your username, password and other details, you can register using your Twitter or Facebook ID along with a valid email ID. The first thing ‘’ asks you is to select from a list of categories. These are your topics of interest on which you would like to give your opinion. They could range anything from food to sports to politics.

The interface looks quite interactive. Clicking on the ‘Home’ screen will lead you to the below. On the left you can see your opinion updates along with any responses as well as the number of latest opinions on that. And on the right, the currently trending topics are always updated all the time. You can click on any of the categories and get the sub categories as well as the currently trending topics in them. You can also see the latest opinions on any of the sub categories in a particular category.


What I like about

Two things in particular. You can build your network of people obviously by inviting them from Facebook or Twitter. Or if that’s not enough, you can ‘Tune’ into them which means you can see their regular updates. ‘’ also gives you the option to mark each opinion as ‘Agree’, ‘Disagree’ or ‘Well Said’.


Secondly, when you state any opinion, you can choose the right keywords or adjectives to give strength to what you want to say. And you also get to know how many people are with you or against you. This kind of sentiment tracker helps to know what anyone or everyone feels about a particular topic.


‘’ was started this year. But in a short while it has gained quite a number of enthusiasts. And being a platform where you can express yourself freely on any topic, people are flocking in large numbers. I got a chance to review this since I was shortlisted through And its been quite an interesting experience throughout.

‘Happy Stating’. If you have used ‘’, let us know in the comments section on what you think about it.