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A smelly affair!


“He just walked past me and all I could smell was a mixture of cigarette and drugs. Thankfully he didn’t stay there.”

“She came to our office to sell kids books. Since I was the manager on the floor, she came and sat next to me and started giving me more information on them. Maybe she hadn’t taken a bath. Maybe she was out all day. And that’s why she must be sweating. But the smell was unbearable.”

“He sits next to me at work. Whenever he sits in office, he removes his shoes and socks and keeps them on the side. Despite my irritation and frequent caustic comments, he still does it. And the smell they emanate is disgusting to say the least. Maybe he has never ever washed them.”

How many of you have encountered any of the above scenarios? I am sure if not all, most of you would have come across smelly people whether at work, in malls, in schools, colleges, in theaters anywhere and everywhere. Some are able to bear the smell while others aren’t. Most of us avoid telling people that they are smelling really bad. But there are some who actually go upto them and tell it on their faces.

So why do people smell? Do they realize that good body odour is a part of one’s personality? Do they not consider body odour as a problem? Whatever it is, some people need a lesson in presenting onself to others.

There are some who never take a bath but literally bathe themselves in perfumes. They smell as awful as those who don’t use one. Spraying yourself with a perfume is surely not the replacement for taking a bath. Then there are those who smoke up and booze every night. Honestly, they smell like shit if I put it bluntly. If they cross your path, you could have problems in breathing.

And finally, there are those who don’t wash their clothes and wear the same clothes all over again. Have you seen people wearing one shirt three or four times a week? No its not four shirts of the same type. It’s the fact that they have worn it without washing. Maybe these people think that washing wastes a lot of water.

Imagine this scenario – You have a presentation the next morning at 8am. You get up at 7am and rush to work without taking a bath. You just manage to shave and do you hair right. If you are the kind who doesn’t sweat much, people may not realize that you have literally come to the presentation straight out of bed. But if you sweat a lot, then people in the room would surely find it tortuous to even sit. Get ready for people to leave by making one pretext or the other. And if this is a sales pitch, then you better beware. Your personal hygiene could make or break this deal.

So smell good and keep the others around feeling good!


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  1. forum parikh

    Was this some incident you experienced recently and trying to let that person know through this ;p

    • aseemrastogi2

      Haha no particular incident. Though have met many such people throughout my life till now ;).

  2. Anita

    How true…
    I face this situation many times especially in summer when I have to bear such smelly people. It is not that only economically low class people smell badly, sometimes highly professionals Sotheby’s same. Actually most people don’t realize about their bad odour.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Completely agree on that. Most people refuse to think that there is something called bad odour. And don’t bother about correcting it.

      • Abhishek

        Some people can smell from far as well…..sensitive noses………….but what can a guy like salesman do when he has to be out all day in summer with best of clothes like suit and tie…………..guess its not easy….

        • aseemrastogi2

          Hmm yeah one has to try to ensure that smell is not a problem though it can be difficult many times.

  3. Oh well, it’s summer time so the smelly people are all over the place, oh my God if you take the public bus that’s the worst thing to do during the rush hours loll It stinks!!!

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