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Someone has said that it’s very easy to be sad but really difficult to be happy. But I always made it a point that things shouldn’t affect me too much. My mantra was to live life king size without any tensions or fears. You never know what’s coming tomorrow. There is no point in spoiling your today just because tomorrow maybe bad. I was doing well at college, had a good group of friends and had a loving family. Life was bliss to say the least. This was until a month ago when my uncle came to stay over at our place.

My dad’s cousin was a 60 year old man who seemed quite fit for his age. He had helped us in our difficult times with money and support. And so my parents considered him as God. When he mentioned that he had to come over to Toronto for a business proposal, my parents themselves opened the doors of our house for him. They didn’t allow him to stay at a hotel even though it was a 2 week stay. He bought all of us gifts and was quite fun loving and cheerful to talk to. Whether it was stories of my dad’s childhood or his colorful antics, this uncle of mine seemed quite excited to talk. I had never met him before because mine and his family’s plans didn’t work out most of the time.

But as the days passed by, he tried to get really close with me. My parents had given him the guest room which was on the ground floor next to mine. At night, as soon as everyone slept off, he would stealthily enter my room. At first it was just some dirty talk. He would call me his little whore and talk about female anatomy and the likes. When I protested, he said that I better cooperate or I will face the consequences. I tried to ignore this as much as possible since I doubted whether my parents would even believe what I said to them. Moreover I thought he wouldn’t harm me at least in my parents presence.

But in hindsight, this was my biggest mistake. He took this as an indication that I didn’t have a problem with whatever he did. My parents had to suddenly leave for Ottawa for a few days since my grandmother had passed away. Despite the fact that I was really scared as to what my uncle would plan, I couldn’t go with them since my exams were on. My parents promised that they would be back as soon as possible.

On the first night of their absence he tried to come into my room yet again. But since I had looked it from inside, he had to find another way. Before I could even realize, he made it through the window. He looked at me with lustful eyes and jumped onto my bed. He molested me and when I resisted, he tried to rape me. I hit him with the iron kept beside my bed and tried to run out of the room. But even at that age, he was strong enough to pull me back and hold me on.

He did as he wished despite my screams. There was not a semblance of remorse in his eyes despite my constant pleading. He literally tore apart my body and soul. He threw away my phone so that I couldn’t call my parents. The next day I somehow escaped to my friend’s house as I feared he would do this all over again.

Seeing my absence from the house, my parents called me as soon as they were back. On seeing them, I ran into their arms and began to sob uncontrollably. They started asking loads of questions about my whereabouts. Almost immediately, I began narrating about what my uncle did to me. They were stunned hearing this. But my dad couldn’t believe that his cousin was capable of doing such a thing. He seemed to believe him more than me. And thought that I was just exaggerating things a bit too much.

Was he serious? How could he not believe his own daughter? Did he think I have gone insane? I had been raped for god sake and my dad thought am exaggerating.

Instead, he asked my uncle whether I troubled him in their absence. Surprisingly, my uncle didn’t seem the least affected by what he had done. All he said was that I am like a daughter to him and if I was even a bit naughty, there was no problem in that. Daughter? Really? Were daughters supposed to be treated like this? He was a shame to mankind.

Then I decided that I needed to do something about this. I couldn’t sit and forget about it. My uncle was supposed to leave in 2 days. If I didn’t expose his activities in front of my family, then I wouldn’t be able to face myself for the rest of my life. I was a fighter and wasn’t ready to break down.

Even after that day, I knew he would come again to my room. And so this time, I made sure to play along. I kept my phone on and had already called my dad as soon as my uncle had come into the room. Whether it was his dirty talk or his act of touching me, my dad seemed to have heard everything. And within five minutes he was down in my room.

My uncle was shocked and tried to defend himself quite meekly. My dad had finally realized that this man wasn’t the goody-two-shoes kind he projected himself to be. Instead, he was nothing more than a lustful monster. He apologized to me and gave me a tight hug.

But I wasn’t done yet. My uncle had given me enough torture to last a long time. But I had made up my mind to not take it sitting back. I gave him a thrashing he would remember for years. After multiple slaps, a couple of kicks landed on the spot that hurts. My only aim was to make sure that he doesn’t do this with another girl ever. And the next day we handed him over to the police.

My life wasn’t going to be stigmatized by a monster like him. The only way to get over these things is to fight and earn your dignity. And that’s what I did.