College can be the best or the worst time of your life. But if you’re dealing with it the wrong way, then it is sure to be indeed the worst time of your life.

Not everyone enters college. But if you choose to do so, then you will have to deal with it. Although there are no rules and regulations on how to deal with college correctly, there are actually some sort of unsaid signs that you’re having it the wrong way. Below are five clear signs you’re actually dealing with it wrongly. See how you’re doing so far.

When You Always Forget About Things Especially Your Homework and Deadlines

Forgetting about something means it’s actually not on your priority list. So if you keep on forgetting about several deadlines and homework (especially if there is a particular subject or two which you keep on forgetting about), then it’s simply an indication that studying is not your top priority after all. College can be a portrait of hell here on earth. If you’re taking it up yet you don’t consider it as your top priority (given the fact that you are a STUDENT), you’re like painting your worst downfall at its ninth circle — broke, failed, and miserable.

When You Can’t Seemingly Make Friends

Although it’s not a requirement to exercise your social skills in college, you know that there is something wrong if you can’t seem to find a group or at least a friend to hangout with. It’s never a crime to make friends. Even though it’s really good to concentrate very well on your studies and all, being a human being, practically known as a social animal, means you also need others in your life. It’s already hard enough to survive and finish college with friends who support you. Yet it’s even more difficult to do it all alone. Interact with others and create those bonds because they are going to help you survive this ordeal.

When You Have Too Much Social Life that You Need to Party Every Week

Contrary to Sign #2, too much of anything is also bad. If you have more friends and social life than the exams, papers and recitations you were able to pass, then something must be wrong. Remember to have everything in perfect moderation. Parties are just part of social college life, it’s not a hobby or subject. Again, it’s a good thing to make friends. But going back to the first Sign, it’s still your studies, and not your buddies, which is the most important.

When You’re Always Cramming

Perhaps you’re always able to pass your projects and papers on time, and you haven’t missed any of them. But if you’re always cramming and you can’t seem to get your schedule straight up, you’re still dealing with college the wrong way. Unless it was given just a day or two from the set deadline, then cramming should never be an option. Cramming means you can’t manage your schedules well and you’re holding too many things in your hands. Try organizing your schedule better and writing everything down on a planner. When you’re cramming, you will never be able to produce your best paper, best essay, or best anything else. Doing something in a real hurry will only lead to mediocrity.

When You’re Spending More Time on Your Part-Time Job than on School Stuff

If you have a part-time job, keep in mind that you’re there because you want to earn to finish your studies. But if you’re allotting too much time and energy on your job that your time and energy for school is being compromised, then you might want to rethink your goals or find another job.

Entering college is not a joke. Although you don’t need to be dead serious while dealing with it, you should always keep in mind that your future is always hanging on the line.

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Katherine Smithson is a sophomore student who is trying to pave her way through the blogging realm. She is currently venturing into modern writing and blogging in different websites and will someday be able to make a name in the industry of blogging and writing per say.