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Bliss turned into nightmare!


We were really happy. He really loved me or so it seemed. From talking sweet nothings to spending all his free time with me; he never left my side. Whether it was going to horror flicks together where I could snuggle into him or talking for hours on end in coffee shops, our life seemed totally blissful. I never feared anything if he was around. This went on for months and I was just lost in him. But then, life has its unique ways of jolting you out of slumber. And that’s what happened with me.

He wanted to celebrate my birthday in the best possible style. He got me flowers, gave me a beautiful dress and decided to drive me down to the best resort in town for a candle – light dinner. It all seemed like a dream. I could never imagine that someone could love me and pamper me so much. He had made me feel like a queen and I was loving every minute of it. Everything seemed so good that I was waiting to see what else was planned.

And then all of a sudden, he picked up three of his friends by the wayside. I had met them before but I was quite taken aback on their presence during our special occasion. He just tried to calm me down by saying that they wanted to hitch a ride to the multiplex nearby.

But almost immediately, he started driving the car faster in a different direction altogether. Before I could make out what was happening, the three of them got out of the car and pulled me onto the backseat as well despite all my resistance. They tied me and forced a cloth into my both so I couldn’t speak. Badmouthing, touching, trying to take off my clothes, they tried all they could. In the midst of all this, he seemed oblivious and was egging his friends on. I was too stunned to react and this went on for the next couple of hours. Things became so bad at a point that I passed out and couldn’t even react.

It was a trap that he had so beautifully planned. Even in my wildest dreams, I couldn’t imagine that he would leave me to those beastly friends of his. They made sure that they gave me enough pain and torture to last a lifetime. My clothes were torn off and I was thrown away on the road to die. It seemed as though every inch of life had oozed out of my soul.

Yes, I managed to survive. Yes, he and his friends went to jail. But even today, I haven’t been able to come to terms with what he did to me. Maybe he never loved me. Maybe there’s nothing called love. Maybe he didn’t deserve me. Maybe he was always like this but I couldn’t recognize him.

Whatever it was, the trap turned my life of complete bliss into nightmare in a matter of hours!

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  1. A sad reality narrated effectively.. It’s hightime, girls ought to realize the sick traps..

  2. forum parikh

    Quite a narration. These incidents happening a lot all over india these days.
    Anyways its a good write up for the blogadda contest

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