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Directed by Bhushan Patel and co-produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor under the Balaji Motion Pictures, Ragini MMS 2 is Sunny Leone’s third venture into Bollywood as a mainstream actress after Jism 2 and Jackpot. It is said to be India’s first horrex (Horror + Sex) flick promising scares for everyone and also whistles from the hoi polloi. Does it work? Let’s check it out.

The story goes like this –

Uday and Ragini’s MMS goes viral. Uday is killed while Ragini becomes a lunatic. A filmmaker is quite interested in this story. He feels that there’s something more to the entire episode. And since the girl has become a lunatic, one cannot believe her completely. Therefore, he with his crew set out to the same very house where the MMS was shot to film a movie on this entire episode.

From the word go, the movie is about Sunny Leone. She’s introduced with the “Baby Doll” song which has captured the nation’s attention. Her derriere and her cleavage. And repeat. That’s what the cameraman concentrates on in the song. All we see across the movie is her walking in her inner wear in dark alleys. Were there no lights? Really?

There’s no story in the flick. The first half is all about sex and stupidity from the actors. While in the 2nd half, the director decides to introduce some sense of horror. But sadly it looks more like the horror from a Ramsay brothers movie.

The sequences like the fake orgasm, the sex scenes during the song and the other times are when Sunny is a natural. But otherwise, it’s all a disaster. The reasons for why the demon comes back and everything else seem quite forced. Honestly, it all seems like a tactic to make a movie just so that Sunny Leone’s skin show can bring in the audiences.

Why do we have a romantic track in a horror movie? Why do we have lame comedy in a horror movie? And then, to top it off, we have songs as well! Goodness me!

The background score is nothing to talk about with all the background noises making it look like a B-grade horror flick. The VFX are done quite decently. Though songs are not required in a horror flick as this and moreover, they act like a stumbling block, all the songs are quite peppy. The cinematographer doesn’t have much work to do other than just concentrate on the dark and dreary house in the middle of nowhere.

The performances from each of the cast were horrendous to say the least!

Sunny is a natural in what she does best. But acting surely is not her cup of tea. Sandhya Mridul is normally a decent actress. But she was way over the top and hamming to glory throughout this one. Parvin Dabas was unbearable as the peverted film maker. Divya Dutt is wasted in a nothing role. What was she thinking? Kainaz Motivala is there for a couple of scenes. Saahil Prem has one expression throughout the movie. It seems as though he’s sleep walking through the role. Karan Mehra is irritating as the TV actor and the only thing of note he has is a sex scene with Sunny Leone. The rest like Soniya Mehra, Anita Hassanandani have nothing much to do.

Its prequel was a decently made flick. But this one is a horrible sleaze fest!

Rating – 1/5